About us

Café in Barcelona thats offers a variety of meals styled in a bowl. Delight your taste buds with these nutrient and vitamin packed dishes that will fully energize you.

Become a morning person with our delightful smoothie and porridge bohls. Enjoy a lunch break with one of our perfectly balanced savory power bohls.

We don’t believe in refined and processed foods. We believe that NATURAL is best, that we should enjoy the textures and flavors that earth offers, and enjoy its beauty and colors.

We bring this to you because there is nothing we enjoy more than a nice meal that will make your body feel good and fueled.

Our mission and beliefs

We’ve come together to bring delicious, hearty and wholesome meals that are budget- friendly. Our mission is to share that eating healthy is simple and tasty.

We believe in 100% NATURAL foods, colors, textures, and flavors.

We avoid anything that is over processed and artificially flavored.

Our promise

  • To carefully choose the ingredients
  • To carefully cook your meal
  • No hidden/surprise ingredients
  • No frying
  • Plant-based
  • Care for the environment


Just as we work to bring the best ingredients and cook them delicately to fuel your body, we also try our best to take care of our planet.

Sustainability is a MUST and we achieve this through:

  1. Osmosis, reducing the use of plastic water bottles
  2. Our take away is organic/biodegradable
  3. Reducing waste to its minimum
  4. Buying locally sourced foods
  5. Using ecological ingredients as much as possible
  6. Recycling

*Because of this some of our bowls might have a slight change according to our farmer’s offer.